CUSTOMER SERVICE(1)In business ownership it is a SCRAMBLE to get business.  When you're operating in business in industries that have 20 + people in your field of expertise alone you notice "the pinch". "The pinch" that you're feeling is if I don't say the right thing this client may use one of my 20 + competitors in the marketplace.  In order to respond to this "pinch" the famous, "I have great customer service" comes FLYING out of your mouth and then guess what....THEY BUY FROM YOU!!! Is this a good thing? Is this a bad thing? Well let me see if this answer works for you?  In my opinion, the great thing is you have received a sale. You have satisfied your financial needs, the customer gets what they need and everyone seems to be happy RIGHT? For the moment life seems right, but in order to determine if this truly right let's put customer service in it's right category. Customer service is directly found in two areas: During the process and after the service is delivered.  What is my proof in this statement?  Have you ever purchased insurance before and heard ALL the right things and after that you never heard from your insurance agent again?  Did you switch insurance companies partly because of this?  Saying you have the best customer service is typically awarded from your client and not you as the owner.  Hearing the words from your clients allows you the ability to constantly 1. earn the title 2. maintain the title.   When your clients mention that you have the best customer service THEN you realized that you have truly reached the pinnacle of customer service.  CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE EXPERIENCE. My suggestion is to lead statements that start with this is my process or we at xyz company have found that this process we developed will take care of these needs of our clients.  Give it a try and let me know your thoughts. We all depend on you to make a better marketplace!!!