UNWILLIGNESS___Whatever it is you're not willing to do for our business can be a huge problem in both the short term and long term. When owning your own business you will have items on your business plan that are very easy for you to complete. There are also those details that don't make it to your priority list because it forces you WAY outside of your comfort zone.  For example, have you ever had a speaking opportunity and you turned it down due to fear of public speaking?  You know your business, you're the top in your industry, but the thought of standing in front of the room with 45 people that you don't know terrifies you.  What if this was that ONE activity that would provide you with the biggest breakthrough of your life?  Are you willing to take the risk? Are you will to face the potential judgements that come with the breakthrough?  The easiest way to do what you're not willing to do is to identify the "root fear".   For your peace of mind you must identify where you unwillingness came from and next identify the methods to slowly get back back to the faith it takes in order to conquer the thing that's holding you back.