In today's day and age growing a business is extremely tough.  You're noticing more entrepreneur's adding more products and services. You're noticing more entrepreneur's bending their own rules to "fit" the clients needs at to their own detriment.  These sudden changes aren't by accident. Our response as entrepreneur's is to go into "fix it" mode which is absolutely dangerous. "Fix it" mode becomes "band aid" mode which ends up the very thing that leaves an entrepreneur exhausted and still on the losing end in the long run. So what's the problem? The problem is TRUST!! As a business owner you have to take 20 steps back and think,"how has my target market been treated before I got here"? Let me provide you with some insight. Your client base is being "beat up" by crafty marketing messages to separate them from their money.  The lack of explaining "how"this will help their lives or direction is leaving your client stuck with a product without understanding the depths of the VALUE. Unfortunately, after years of this separation of their money, broken promises  by entrepreneur's, companies no longer in business, with a seemingly no regard for clients that have been left behind,  we are seeing hesitations like we've never seen before.  Your clients are TIRED of the crafty sales approach! So how does a subject matter expert deal with this? Subject matter experts will tell you all the details because they respect their field of expertise. They understand that they have a mission and to have a bad name due to misinforming people is not worth the risk.   Subject matter experts understand the value of information to guide a person through to the end result, which not only achieves the goal, but will stay with their client for a lifetime which will have your client never doubting the value of your services.  Subject matter experts are typically looking for a legacy which is deeper than a brand.