Whatever it is you're not willing to do for our business can be a huge problem in both the short term and long term. When owning your own business you will have items on your business plan that are very easy for you to complete. There are also those details that don't make it to your priority list because it forces you WAY outside of your comfort zone.  For example, have you ever had a speaking opportunity and you turned it down due to fear of public speaking?  You know your business, you're the top in your industry, but the thought of standing in front of the room with 45 people that you don't know terrifies you.  What if this was that ONE activity that would provide you with the biggest breakthrough of your life?  Are you willing to take the risk? Are you will to face the potential judgements that come with the breakthrough?  The easiest way to do what you're not willing to do is to identify the "root fear".   For your peace of mind you must identify where you unwillingness came from and next identify the methods to slowly get back back to the faith it takes in order to conquer the thing that's holding you back.


It's normal for a person to say,"is it Monday already" or "is it Friday yet"? Do these sound familiar? My challenge to you today is to ask yourself if this statement is okay for you to say as a business owner?  As a business owner each day represents an opportunity to get better, to change the future, or to correct a past mistake.  A Monday for a business owner is like a GOLD for us.  Just think about it for a second.   How many times have you started to finally gain momentum and all of a sudden another holiday is right around the corner. Think about how many times you had to stop work to grab the kids early from school or adjust to their schedule and at the same time run a business.   During your business ownership journey, I would like us to become more conscious of our words. We HAVE TO seize ever moment and opportunity in business that makes sense.  Things may not always be there tomorrow for us and if they are they may not show up the same way they did before.  SEIZE THE MOMENT!!! Here are some immediate things you can do daily to ensure you're seizing the moments in your business. Make all your follow up calls Don't overbook yourself Complete all that you can that day Be task oriented Work first play later Adequate rest Appreciate "EVERYDAY" LIMIT EXCUSES Own it and then EXECUTE I hope this post inspires you to not take today lightly! We aren't promised tomorrow!

Why should you not say,”I provide the best customer service in your sales pitch”?

In business ownership it is a SCRAMBLE to get business.  When you're operating in business in industries that have 20 + people in your field of expertise alone you notice "the pinch". "The pinch" that you're feeling is if I don't say the right thing this client may use one of my 20 + competitors in the marketplace.  In order to respond to this "pinch" the famous, "I have great customer service" comes FLYING out of your mouth and then guess what....THEY BUY FROM YOU!!! Is this a good thing? Is this a bad thing? Well let me see if this answer works for you?  In my opinion, the great thing is you have received a sale. You have satisfied your financial needs, the customer gets what they need and everyone seems to be happy RIGHT? For the moment life seems right, but in order to determine if this truly right let's put customer service in it's right category. Customer service is directly found in two areas: During the process and after the service is delivered.  What is my proof in this statement?  Have you ever purchased insurance before and heard ALL the right things and after that you never heard from your insurance agent again?  Did you switch insurance companies partly because of this?  Saying you have the best customer service is typically awarded from your client and not you as the owner.  Hearing the words from your clients allows you the ability to constantly 1. earn the title 2. maintain the title.   When your clients mention that you have the best customer service THEN you realized that you have truly reached the pinnacle of customer service.  CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE EXPERIENCE. [...]

The Power of “I FOUND”!

A sales professionals sometimes we take certain words for granted. One of those words I wanted to talk about is the words "I Found". For the person speaking it really doesn't mean that much to them at the time. For the person that is receiving those words a different experience is happening for them.   When someone tells you I found something it almost seems as if you have unlocked a secret code of life.  So as a professional when your clients hear I found it will immediately open their minds to hear your brand "new secret". Subject matter expert selling uses the phrase I found in all of their sales presentations.  Sell with a passion & sale with purpose!    

Subject Matter Experts (SME) don’t like to sell!

In today's day and age growing a business is extremely tough.  You're noticing more entrepreneur's adding more products and services. You're noticing more entrepreneur's bending their own rules to "fit" the clients needs at to their own detriment.  These sudden changes aren't by accident. Our response as entrepreneur's is to go into "fix it" mode which is absolutely dangerous. "Fix it" mode becomes "band aid" mode which ends up the very thing that leaves an entrepreneur exhausted and still on the losing end in the long run. So what's the problem? The problem is TRUST!! As a business owner you have to take 20 steps back and think,"how has my target market been treated before I got here"? Let me provide you with some insight. Your client base is being "beat up" by crafty marketing messages to separate them from their money.  The lack of explaining "how"this will help their lives or direction is leaving your client stuck with a product without understanding the depths of the VALUE. Unfortunately, after years of this separation of their money, broken promises  by entrepreneur's, companies no longer in business, with a seemingly no regard for clients that have been left behind,  we are seeing hesitations like we've never seen before.  Your clients are TIRED of the crafty sales approach! So how does a subject matter expert deal with this? Subject matter experts will tell you all the details because they respect their field of expertise. They understand that they have a mission and to have a bad name due to misinforming people is not worth the risk.   Subject matter experts understand the value of information to guide a person through to the end result, which not only achieves the goal, but [...]


Business ownership is a very interesting experience. You have questions to answer single day. Those main questions are who, what, when, where, why, and how!  These questions alone can drive you completely insane! The solution to answer these questions come through the word MESSAGE! Your message is the point of reference for ALL your decisions that are made in your business.  If you understand your message you will find that the feel and functionality of your business should be much smoother.  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel under Executive Money Inc to watch our library of information! Stay tuned for more!!!

The sales conversation from a business owner’s perspective

As a business owner, sometimes we go through a lot of emotions during the sales process that we have to keep to ourselves. Our intentions are to serve our clients with the best of our abilities. What are some of the things that prevent us from doing that? Do we have a fair chance in the sales conversation? What do you feel like we're missing?   In this show, we have our spotlight business owner Mark Spensieri, owner and operator of Express Bail Bonds, is our spotlight business of the week. If you need his services, you can look him up at Mark Spensieri is an established bail bondsman who is extremely passionate, trustworthy, and knowledgeable in his field of expertise. If you know of any attorneys and friends/family that could use his services please reach out to him.   Here's some of his social sites to follow him: Facebook: Better Business Bureau:

Business Plan…Do you really need one?

This question is very common.  Business ownership and having a business plan is relative to the vision of the owner.  Just because you have a business doesn't necessarily mean you need one!? Some of the common reason I hear people declining a business plan are: I come from generations of business ownership and I have it all figured out I have tons of experience in my field so I really don't need it. This is a turn key operation and I will figure things out as I go. It should be pretty easy though. I've reached my annual revenue goals each year without a business plan why should I get one now? Those statements are all true and make sense.  Let's look at each of those responses and see if anything is missing. 1. I come from generations of business ownership and I have it all figured out....... I would challenge this statement by asking would you view the past generations as successful business owners?  Do you know what triggered the start of business ownership in your family?  Is there anything different about the time frame your family owned a business verses owning a business in this day and age? Just because your family owned a business does that qualify you to be a business owner? 2. I have tons of experience in my field so I really don't need it...... I would challenge this statement by asking how does your experience create revenue for your business?  Will your years of experience help you sell your product? Does experience equate to having a good business model?  How do you translate those years of experience into revenue? 3. This is a turn key operation and I will figure things out as I go. It should be pretty easy. I would say, "you [...]